International Aerobatic Club Chapter 58
Serving the Sport of Aerobatics in Pennsylvania and Beyond
Who Are We?

We are people who are crazy about airplanes. Just like you. Some of us still fly and compete actively. Others no longer fly but volunteer regularly. (Ours is a sport that simply could not exist without volunteers). A few of us never got around to actually flying aerobatics but participate just for the camaraderie of a contest, the sunburn and the roar of a Lycoming at redline. Listed below are just a handful of our 30 active members.
Ray Harris no longer flies but he is inarguably the most active member of the chapter. He can be found volunteering at nearly every contest between Virgina and Vermont. He served as a mechanic, Load Master and crew chief in the Air Force with a stint in Vietnam. After his service Ray earned a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Metallurgy. He retired from an executive position at Petroleum Product Corp in 2014 and now works as an engineer consultant. He has been a member of IAC 58 since 1999.

Oliver Spatscheck is a researcher with AT&T Labs. Before getting started in aerobatics he was active and competetive in soaring. He took a break from flying to raise a family but came back with a vengance building his own RV-8. That is the plane he has been competing in since he began flying aerobatics a couple of years ago. Oliver manages our "Box Days" at Keller Brothers. 
Chris Murley is the co-owner of Griggs Aircraft, a full-service maintenance, refurbishing and avionics facility at the Sky Haven airport in Tunkhannock, PA. His company took over the Wolf line of aerobatic biplanes and Pitts mods from Steve Wolf in 2017. Chris is a skydiver, caver and now, apparently out of fear of finding his adrenaline sources depleted, an aerobat. He designed the many modifications to, and built, the pictured Acro Sport IIs. And if that's not enough, he also moderates the Biplane Forum.
Dan Keller is a second generation airplane nut. Some of his best memories as a kid were flying with his dad and begging him for just one more loop. That early aviation seed grew into a lifelong passion. He owns a Bonanza for serious travel and a CAP-10 when when he feels the need to look up at the Earth hanging by the straps. Dan and his family have served their community for four generations. And they have served ours by opening up Keller Brothers, their fairway of a grass strip, to our chapter for our Box Days.
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