International Aerobatic Club Chapter 58
Serving the Sport of Aerobatics in Pennsylvania and Beyond


Our chapter started in Pennsylvania in 1978 but we now have members spread throughout the Northeast.  We organize aerobatic competitions, practice days, spin seminars and socials.

Through practice, coaching and encouragement we help each other become better pilots and better competitors. Aerobatics is an artform that requires flying with purpose, focus and timing. Whether we fly or not, our members are bound by a love of aerobatics and a desire to see it practiced safely.

IAC Chapter 58 is here to help you build your enjoyment of this thrilling sport.  If you wish to discover more about aerobatics, select "Getting Started" above.  To learn more about the chapter, click "Join Us" where you can contact one of us directly.

Our Contest

The Wildwoods Acrobrlast!

Typically held in May or early June at Cape May, on New Jersey's beautiful shore.  

Our Playground

If there is a heaven on Earth this is it! Beautifully maintained grass, reasonbly priced gas and a friendly neighborhood that isn't offened by the occasional airplane noise. Lebanon, PA