International Aerobatic Club Chapter 58
Serving the Sport of Aerobatics in Pennsylvania and Beyond
Getting Started in Aerobatics
Aerobatics is a surprisingly accessible sport. And it doesn't take a lot of flying experience to advance quickly. It is not uncommon to see a "newbie" with 200 hours total flight time handily beating an airline pilot with 20,000 hours. The world is filled with experienced pilots for whom "close enough" is good enough. What aerobatics takes is a desire to never stop learning. And never stop improving. Getting Started in Aerobatics linked below is a perfect place to begin your discovery about the sport.

The IAC's "Getting Started in Aerobatics". (This will open the IAC website in another tab.)

Jason offers aerobatic instruction in just about any owner flown aircraft. He also provides couching services at his surface waivered aerobatic box in Hammonton, NJ
An EAA "webinar" hosted by aerobatic champion, Patty Wagstaff.  It's long and a bit dry but very informative.  

Aero-Tech Services provides Aerobatic instruction and spin training out of Lancaster, PA in a Super-Decathlon.