IAC Chapter 58

WELCOME to the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Aerobatic Club!

We organize aerobatic competitions, practice days, educational events and social events.

Better pilots are SAFER pilots. Through education, idea exchange, practice sessions and competition we become better pilots as aerobatic competition is a challenge of PRECISION. Flying at safe altitudes with specialized equipment, accurate airspeed and attitude CONTROL determine the winners.
It has been said that the mastery of flight in all attitudes is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. Why not give it a try?

The Chapter's camaraderie is clever, humorous, enlightening and heart warming. Members are both pilots and non-flying enthusiasts. Volunteers are welcome!

And flying aerobatics is FUN!

Please join us at an event and/or contact us by emailing our President listed below or by using the form.

Eric   ericinexile@yahoo.com
Airshow video of Rob Holland, 2015 IAC Unlimited Champion
Behold the roll speed and precision of Goody Thomas at WAC 2011, Italy
Vintage Video: June 4, 1993, Chapter 58 Contest